About Ms. M

As a Make Artist & Beauty Therapist, I’m someone who takes an active interest in making people look beautiful, striving to provide a world class level quality of Skin care, Cosmetic products & services.
In my younger days, I worked as a model, gaining a wealth of knowledge relating to make up & the industry along the way. I have since done intensive work on stage plays, film sets & modelling shoots.
In addition to doing make up, I have also directed a couple of short films & had hands on experience in assisting in the art of film making & plays which gave me a unique perspective of what it takes to produce great images.
I have also traveled different parts of the world & gained insight on different culture and different beauty rituals for attaining beauty of women from Europe to South East Asia using everything from Plants, Flowers to Fruits, drawing inspiration from their natural environments.
I have researched & collaborated with leading skin & cosmetic labs through Canada, USA, Europe, & South East Asia in an effort to perfect the Fusion of Science & Technology with safe, non abrasive Botanical ingredients. My PASSION is great skin & Beauty, my GOAL is to give it to you.