Beauty Tips

How to Create Perfect Lips

1.) Gently Exfoliate your lips with a skin loofah , scrubber ,  or clean toothbrush.

2.) apply a clear lip balm to moisturise lips.

3. ) Use a soft gel to line your lips by following your lips outline. I like starting on the center of the Cupid’s bow or center of top lip.

4.) With a Lip brush applicators apply your desired lip product ( lipstick or Gloss) Start  in center just like doing your pencil lip line. Apply outline first.

5.) From Center, Apply the rest of lip stick or gloss blending out towards outer corners of lips. Start with the top lips , then do the same on the bottom lip.

6.) Blot lips softly with a tissue. Insert your clean index or Point finger and gently suck it , while you pull it out.This gets rid of those unwanted colour that goes onto your teeth.

7.) you can also dust a finishing powder on top of a tissue covering your lips for staying power.