Wallet Make Up Palette



This is your Beauty On the Go. It’s a hot pocket rocket, always handy for those touch ups without carrying all your make up products.

Trust me this will become your BFF in your purse. Carry it Anywhere and Use it Anytime!

It’s got color corrector, concealer, 2 x blushers, powder, 6 colour Lip Gloss & 20 mini eyeshadows! Wallet Colour Options:Light Pink, Off White & Dark Pink.

With High Pigmented Colours , eyeshadow so vivid so you can take your daytime office look into night time Glamour for that hot dinner date, or catching up with the girls in the bar.

Perfect Present  Or Gifts for Bride To Be, BridesMaids, Wedding Favours for the Ladies, Formals, Proms, Christmas or Birthdays.


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